Poison Spyder Customs Armor Installed

In October of 2010,  Method Motorsports purchased a used 2007 Jeep JK Unlimited. In the past 15 Years I have been a 4Runner & Jeep Owner and really enjoyed the real estate/room in the Toyota. While I had a 2001 Jeep TJ for a short amount of time, it proved to be a little to small for my needs. On the 2010 Jeepers Jamboree we always camp and hangout with the www.pirate4x4.com crew. During that weekend I had spent time wheeling with Mike Shaffer of Shaffers Offroad and Larry “BigLar” McRae from Poison Spyder Customs. Both have JK Unlimited (4 Door) Jeep JK’s that are very well built and have some of the best components . While my last 4Runner was almost show quality with all of the current market “bells and whistles” I could not help but be impressed with the new Jeep JK’s and certainly the Unlimited. I figured with 4 doors, automatic, 114″ wheelbase and A/C how could I go wrong!

After shipping off my Prized 4Runner to Canada and it’s new Happy Owner,  it was time to get to work on the JK Unlimited. I found an almost perfect 2007 Dark Green, Unlimited with only 34K on the ticker. The Jeep was outfitted with a factory Auto, AC, Freedom Top & crank windows. I have never been a Cruise Control /Power Windows guy…….not needed in my world of off roading. This Jeep had never even been Off-Road and was most likely a Bay Area Commuter…..perfect candidate!

If you are reading this and know me…………..you know I love the Rubicon Trail. I spend alot of time wheeling on that trail every year attending work parties (Friends of the Rubicon) to keep it open for future use. Not to mention Wheelers for the Wounded and many event like the Jeepers Jamboree.  With that said it was time to complete a “Build List” of parts and components that were well proven for the JK. The intent was to build a very Reliable and Purpose built JK that can be driven to the Hammers or the Rubicon and tackle the trails with relative ease.

The Parts that are installed on the Method Motorsports JK are the very products we sell to our customers. These are tried and tested components with the real world reputation to back it up.  While the current “Parts List” is a mix of products that are installed on the JK,  we might very well changes thes in the future to showcase other products we carry and recommend for our customers.

Stay tuned for the work in progress!

Poison Spyder Customs

  • Front & Rear Crusher Flares, Front Rock Brawler Bumper, Rear BFH Bumper, JK Rocker Knockers.

Synergy Suspension, Stage II Lift

  • The Complete Synergy Suspension with LCA’s, Synergy Shocks, Sway Bar disconnects, Brakes Lines and much more.